New OLAS N2K MOB Tracker Unit

Exposure Olas has expanded it's award-winning OLAS crew overboard alert system with the all new OLAS N2K man-over-board (MOB) tracker unit, which will be available to purchase from chandlery stores across France from May 2022.

The OLAS N2K MOB tracker effectively is a small « black-box » unit that detects when someone falls overboard and raises the alarm. Like the other OLAS products, it uses Bluetooth to do this, but this time the receiving unit is hard wired into the vessels 12/24v power supply and also connected to the vessels NMEA 2000 network. This allows the OLAS MOB system to be linked directly with onboard NMEA networked electronic chart plotters or multi function displays (MFD's). This means it can activate the MOB alarm on the chartplotter, giving you a course to steer back to the casualty (as well as having the same option using a smartphone the N2K is easily operated via the OLAS App, free to download from the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android).  All crew members must be wearing an OLAS transmitter, which from the current product range can be either an OLAS Tag  or a OLAS Float-On (a smart water activated lifejacket LED light with MOB technology incorporated inside) or the all new rechargeable OLAS T2 Tag which will be available from May/June this seasonThese transmitters are synchronised with the OLAS N2K unit before leaving the berth. The OLAS N2K can track up to 25 OLAS transmitters around a vessel. If an OLAS transmitter goes missing or the manual MOB button is pressed the OLAS N2K will trigger the alarm, which will also instantly sound via the inbuilt 85DB alarm in the OLAS N2K unit and also via the vessels onboard NMEA connected devices. The alarm will also sound on all crew members smartphones that are logged on to the system using the free OLAS App.

The range of a Bluetooth signal has greatly been improved since the technology was first used in MOB systems and is now sufficient for the system to work reliably on yachts up to 80ft in length. Any blind or troublesome signal spots can be easily fixed utilising the OLAS Extender, which can be used to cover areas where transmitter signal may be blocked. This allows use on larger vessels up to 80ft and the ability to scale the system up if required.

The OLAS system works because water absorbs electromagnetic waves very efficiently. The connection or tether is broken even if the tag is just under the water surface. By using this method of a permanent connectivity by Bluetooth, the OLAS MOB system effectively has an in-built fail safe. If a transmitter becomes out of range to the receiver (which will happen when the vessel is on the move and the transmitter is overboard or becomes out of range) then the alarm will be triggered. The OLAS system can therefore also be used for security, by simply attaching a transmitter to the vessels equipment such as a MOB flotation devices or the yacht tender, ( and naming the transmitter as "Tender" or Horseshoe Buoy" using the APP) you can always be aware if something has gone missing. A very useful additional feature for example when on passage and towing the tender!

The MOB system can alert other crew members too. The OLAS N2K will sound an alarm over the ship’s speakers (when connected via the vessels NMEA network) and will trigger a high-power emergency red light, providing clear visual indication of an alert whilst also acting as a light to illuminate the surrounding area. The OLAS N2K can even stop the engine if it is fitted with a kill switch function. This is something usually only seen fitted on vessels with outboard engines, but a really good and practical option for all sailing vessels. After 5 seconds the kill switch is deactivated enabling the engine to be restarted and full MOB crew procedures to be carried out.

The OLAS N2K MOB tracker RRP will be priced at 380€ and available from May 2022.. The all new rechargeable OLAS T2 tag will be available from June 2022 with a RRP of 100€.

The complete OLAS MOB system including the all new OLAS N2K and OLAS T2 will be available to buy in France, Spain and Italy plus overseas French territories of the Uship network of 132 stores and also via independent chandlers across France and the Mediterranean. All OLAS dealer stores and OLAS installers details can be found on our dealer map locator page of the H2Eau website.


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