Meet the all new screenless waterproof phone cases from LifeProof : the NÜÜD

NÜÜD's screenless technology puts you in direct contact with your iPhone's brilliant display. This screen less case allows you to touch the actual touchscreen of your phone whilst still remaining fully waterproof to IP-68 standards, which is passing water immersion to 2 metres for over 1 hour !

LifeProof, headquartered in San Diego, are now the number one case brand in the world, producing a range of cases for phones and tablets that are water, snow, dust and drop proof. LifeProof are unique in the market place with the latest screenless case model called the “NÜÜD", perfect for any outdoors and marine environment. Manufactured with a unique and inventive sealing system delivering 100% waterproofness and yet still with fully practical functioning for outdoors lifestyles. All LifeProof cases undergoe rigorous testing in the design stage and are also all factory water tested post production guaranteeing them to be 100% waterproof up to a depth of 2 meters for over 1 hour, as well as shockproof when dropped from two meters high onto concrete. Cases that fail the testing are scrapped. 

The LifeProof cases are made with high quality Polycarbonate, transparent Polymer and Synthetic Rubber and Silicone, all highly durable and UV resistant materials. The phone case range meets the U.S. Military Standard for drop and shock protection which ensures that all cases will physically withstand the drops, fumbles, vibrations and bumps of everyday use.

The NÜÜD case is available for all iPhone and tablet models and available in 5 colours. For further details contact H2eau Sports.

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